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At Costa Verde, everything we do is to help people expand their love of the outdoors, gardens and landscapes.

The way we do this is by supporting our employees and ensuring they are always on a continued learning path. Ensuring our customers receive top quality professional service and beautifully installed products. Supporting local vendors and being a part of the local community as well as taking care of our environment.

We invite you to browse through our varied selections of landscaping, Gardening and Maintenance projects and services to get a better feel of what Costa Verdes professional landscaping team can create in your own outdoor space.

To see how we started, meet the crew and learn more about us please check out the links below

If you’re looking to create that perfect patio or luscious lawn, or need general assistance maintaining your existing lawn and garden paradise, send us a quick email at or call us at 778-402-1776 to find out how the professionals at Costa Verde can help.


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