Landscape design in Victoria, BC

Green Initiatives

Our passion for taking care of the environment comes from our upbringings here in beautiful Victoria, B.C. Growing up in Victoria we are spoiled with beautiful beaches, lakes and rivers, parks, forests, mountains, and islands! We also live in a very green city with trees and gardens and all sorts of tucked away beautiful outdoor spaces. With our climate, we have the ability to enjoy more time outside, and by having beautiful spaces to be outside we then further appreciate and take care of our environment we live in. We love this and pass this on to our children, employees and customers. Having a beautiful outdoor space you can use and enjoy really does get you outside more. It also starts a path to learn more about plants and wildlife and how our environment thrives.  We are passionate about taking care of this beautiful place we live in and do everything we can to improve on it.


Reducing our carbon footprint is a top priority for us. Everything we do in our day to day operations is as green as we can and we have plans in place to continue to green the entire company and help the industry transition to sustainable practices.

All of our estimates, designs, billing, staff timesheets, work orders, meeting notes and invoicing are all done online to reduce paper use. We also ensure that our day-to-day vendor receipting and bookkeeping is fully digital in an effort to eliminate paper-use. 

We have found organic fertilizer that works! We also promote other practices to decrease the need of fertilizing in the first place. As well, we do not use any pesticides or chemicals of any kind.

We have our first all electric car! It joined our fleet in 2019 and we are excited to replace our other vehicles with all electric coming soon! We are very excited to try out the new electric trucks coming to the market to suit our needs for maintenance and gardening trucks, which we have over 14 of so this would make a huge impact for us. We will no longer purchase any fossil fuel vehicles moving forward and plan to replace all current ones with electric when they are available.  

We finally have access to powerful battery powered leaf blowers and other equipment and have already started replacing worn gear with battery-powered equipment. We gave been testing leaf blowers, line trimmers and hedgers and are excited with what we are seeing. We have decided that all new gear will also be battery powered (if available) in an effort to reduce both emissions and noise pollution. New equipment is released often and we are keeping current with the best battery equipment that will last for commercial use.

We have reached out to Bobcat and other heavy machine and trucking manufactures and have learned that in time heavy equipment such as excavators will be coming to the market. We are looking forward to that as well as the day when large dump trucks are available! 

We have found that when we mow our lawns slightly higher and grow a tall fescue blend it drastically reduces water needs and helps keep pests away, eliminating the need for pesticides. Plus your lawn looks lush and thick! 

Our LED lighting to irrigation systems are extremely efficient and use minimal amounts or water and energy. We also install rain sensors for irrigation systems to further save on water use. Our nozzles for lawns are the highest efficiency possible and still provide maximum coverage. We also set the systems to come on during the best time of day to limit water use. 


Often repurposing or working with existing landscapes is not only a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but also to save on costs. At Costa Verde we have tons of ways to give you a great looking property while working with your existing space and features. 

We have a great mulch product for your garden beds that is rich dark black in color and amends soil. This really helps improve the overall quality of the existing soil and improves plant health and water retention. 

All of the lawn clippings, leaves, branches and soil we remove from your property is chipped up, composted and turned into soils and mulches which are used to freshen up the beds! 

The gravels, sands and rocks we use come from locally blasted stones processed to locally. 

In Victoria we have a lot of trees, which means a lot of leaves! We compost these into a great mulch for your garden beds. We can even do this on site for you using your leaves to further reduce your carbon footprint

Reusing the nitrogen present in grass clippings can be a great alternative to fertilizing lawns. By using commercial mulching mowers we utilize the high nitrogen in the new grass blades at certain times of the year to finely chop the fine grass blades and evenly distribute it back into the lawn. 


We are proud to say that all of the materials we take away from our jobsites are recycled! Green waste is turned into new soil and mulch; concrete and fill from excavations is recycled at other sites to use as fill for roadways or create new products from; and garbage generally thrown in the landfill we take to a recycle depot to sort and recycle. 

As landscapers we love using rock and pick up rock directly from local blasting sites to reduce the travel required to get it . We have the pick of the pile in terms of getting the best pieces for your project.

Our yellow fleet of trucks was upcycled from the company that built the Port Mann bridge and when they are replaced with electric trucks will be fully recycled.  

Whenever possible the materials we install for our hardscape projects are created with recycled products. These are the products we use every day, recommend and are generally priced similar to traditional products.