Proud Supporters

When at all possible, Costa Verde strongly believes in supporting our local community. Whether it is through our hiring practices, purchasing goods and supplies from local businesses, or giving back to various charitable and non-profit organizations, we are certain that our contributions help create a more viable and vibrant community for all.

Through the practice of hiring summer UVic students with landscaping experience, we feel we are creating a learning platform for future landscapers and gardeners while assisting these young people by providing them with a fair wage to help pay for their ongoing education.

We are a proud supporter of CanAssist TeenWorks Program and are happy to say to date we have helped over 10 teens with disabilities gain entrance into the work place. We continue to staff teens year round through this valuable program and look forward to continuing our support moving forward. Since Costa Verde's involvement with Teenworks Dan Milbrath was nominated for the CASE - Wiltshire Award of Excellence in Supported Employment.

Costa Verde’s strong sense of community is no better served than our support of Victoria Cool Aid Society. We believe that it is everyone’s moral obligations to help end homelessness in Victoria and to support those who are less fortunate regain their respect and dignity.

We strive to assist the Garth Homer Society as much as possible as they continue to forge ahead in helping people overcome developmental and physical obstacles that may be preventing them from living a vibrant, fulfilling life. Over the years we are proud to have provided employment to a number of teens through Garth Homer Society.

Being landscapers in the greater Victoria area, being as eco-friendly as possible is always top of mind for Costa Verde. We are happy to support this valuable compost learning centre based in the heart of Fernwood, where they are teaching students, families and gardeners the benefits of composting for both the environment and for the simple backyard garden.

Costa Verde has been supporting the HCP and Glendale Gardens since our inception. We always recommend their courses to our clients, and have sponsored many of our employees to further their horticulture careers by attending programs at HCP. We also often hold group staff learning walks and courses at the Glendale Gardens in order to hone our employee’s skillsets in gardening.

We, at Costa Verde, are happy to support the Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria with their many worthwhile projects through not only donations of time and money, but also by offering donations of some of our services free of charge for inclusion in their charity auctions.

Since Costa Verde is based in the Fernwood area, we are happy to support the betterment of our community by attending as many of the NRG’s family events. As many of our employees have young families, we also support the Fernwood NRG’s child care, family and recreational activities.

We are firm supporters of sustainability, hence it makes perfect sense for the Costa Verde team to shop at the Moss Street Market. Chock-full of local farm fresh organic produce as well as many home-made tasty treats and a multitude of artisan’s crafts, shopping here helps the continued growth of our local community. Did you know you can also donate directly to help pay for some of the running costs of the market?

Costa Verde is a proud supporter of one of Victoria's most unique homes of entertainment. The Belfry Theatre is a staple of the local community, bringing together people of all walks through live theatre.

Landscaping may be hard work, but it certainly doesn’t compare to that of being a single parent. Costa Verde is proud to support this valuable resource centre for both the parent and children of our community to ensure the growth of our most precious future resource – our children.

Costa Verde is very proud to support the amazing work that Our Place Society does for those in need. Recently, our employees took part in a business sponsored meal to provide a warm breakfast for a very deserving crowd. We truly urge anyone able to help Our Place Society, to please do so. Visit their page to find out how you can lend a hand!

There's a little kid in all of us at Costa Verde and we truly believe in the best care for our future generation. For that reason we support of the Oak Bay Preschool, a co-op, owned and managed facility operated by the parents of children attending the school. Costa Verde is proud to help such a hands on learning environment.

Costa Verde is a proud supporter of the Oak Bay High School since Dan attended high school here. Costa Verde has been involved in many ways including supporting sports teams, giving career day talks, assisting in the design of the new gardens and layouts an hiring students for flyer delivery and co-op programs

Music- a magic beyond all we do here! Costa Verde is proud that to support The Victoria Conservatory of Music by joining in sponsorship of the Mother's Day Garden Tour. The proceeds from this event play a part in funding music education, therapy and performance programs.

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