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Gardening Services

Thank you for looking into our gardening services in Victoria BC! We are proud to have been offering expert gardening services by career-focused gardeners, designers and landscapers since 2007.

By separating our company into three divisions (Landscaping, Gardening and Maintenance) it has allowed us to focus on each division separately, and for gardening, we built our services around what a true gardener/horticulturist is trained and loves to do. This has allowed us to attract and retain amazing staff as every day they are doing exactly what they love to do.

We also work hand in hand with the Horticulture Center of the Pacific (HCP) as well as hiring some of their newly graduated horticulturists. We also send our staff to further their knowledge with weekend courses and classes to improve their skills, because you can never stop learning in this field of work.

We have an awesome manager for our gardening team who runs the whole department from start to finish by providing estimates and following them through to completion with our garden teams. This is key for us. To have one person doing the estimates and customer walk through sets the crew up for success and ensures the project is completed on budget and as discussed.

We also create a short to-do video for all of our gardening projects so our staff have a complete visual walk through of the project already reviewed before work starts. This complements with detailed notes the estimator has in the project job planner.

Because of our great staff, systems and management we are setup to take on any sized gardening project and execute it in a professional way, on budget and above customers expectations, every time, just check out our reviews and testimonials to see what our previous clients have to say.

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