How We Started

It’s pretty amazing what a little creativity combined with a desire to earn money can produce!

When Dan was a teenager he was “the” kid neighbour to have; mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, painting fences and helping out neighbours after school and on weekends. Then once he started University, armed with sheer determination to help pay tuition costs at UVic, Dan strapped on his roller blades (which were cool at the time) and hit the streets to hand-deliver the same flyer he had used growing up. By then he had learned how to work hard and quite a bit about gardening, labouring and other odd jobs. After picking up a few jobs here and there he was approached by a client’s friend who lived on Land’s End Road, who was looking for some gardening assistance at her property.

Without a vehicle, working on Land’s End meant rising early. Dan and Jeff took the one and a half-hour bus ride to Swartz Bay, then made the trek to her house in 20 minutes on the now infamous roller blades, and put in a full 8 hours of manual labour, only to roller blade back to the ferry and bus home! Three days later when the job was complete, the lady happened to mention that her neighbour who was redoing his landscaping was looking for someone to give him a hand. After meeting with the gentleman, Dan and Jeff were offered full-time work for the summer. That summer they learned how to drive excavators, skid steers, install irrigation, lawns, gardens, stone walls, plants and ponds. In retrospect, Dan estimates that he Jeff probably spent more hours on BC Transit than any other islander that summer!

That fall he went back to university but was craving to get back to working outdoors and learning more about gardening. The next spring he bought a truck, picked up additional clients and hired a fellow UVic student with landscaping experience to help him and Jeff out. During the summer months, they landed a job for an American who was building a huge mansion on West Saanich Road and wanted Dan and crew to work hand in hand with a high end landscape designer they had hired to design and supervise the project. They ended up working for this same client full-time for almost two years from the beginning labour of prepping the grounds to learning to lay slate patios, developing planting designs/plans, building outdoor fireplaces, installing irrigation systems – you name it and they did it, all to the customer’s exacting requests.

Dan continued to grow the maintenance and gardening section of his business and in 2007 registered Costa Verde as a bone fide company. They now employ a staff of over 45 people from journeyman carpenters to landscapers, masons and horticulturists. His solid office staff and crew are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, all delivered in an organized, professional and friendly manner.

Costa Verde is now one of the top Landscaping Companies in Victoria with a great reputation and awesome reviews. In 2015, they serviced over 1300 customers and recently had their work featured on the front page of the Times Colonist Home and Garden section which you can check out here or, to take a peek at the Costa home base click here.

If you’re considering adding some pizzazz to your outdoor living space or sprucing up your home’s curb appeal, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with an obligation-free estimate.

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