New lawn installation in Victoria, BC

Maintenance Services

Keeping up with the maintenance of your lawn and garden in Victoria can sometimes take up all of your free time and energy. We want to help! Whether you're looking for regular mowing, garden bed maintenance, hedging and pruning, or improving your existing lawns and gardens, our courteous & professional staff can handle all of these outdoor chores and more.

For the past 13 years we have been offering regular maintenance in Victoria BC! Over the years, we have learned and seen results on what works and what does not, and have built a excellent system for making sure things in your garden are done at the right time of year.

We have developed an amazing maintenance program run by a dedicated maintenance manager. From initial estimate and scheduling, through to training, staffing, and customer check ups and communication, this provides clear direction for our crews and makes our wonderful customers very happy!

We have also separated our maintenance teams into specialized crews operating on different schedules - lawn mowing, bed maintenance, pruning, and other services. This helps us keep our pricing down on the basic services, and also lets us hone our employees’ skills on a specific task, allowing them to focus fully on those specific tasks each visit. We have found that with specifically trained crews doing each aspect of lawn and garden maintenance separately, we are able to better serve the needs of so many diverse properties.

We have built out and tested annual schedules for exactly when lawns should be mowed as the year progresses, as well as bed maintenance packages that have visits when you need them, not when you don’t! We also offer seasonal pruning visits, and allocate specific trees, shrubs, and plants to these certain time periods to ensure that your plants and trees are pruned at exactly the right time.

Reach out today to connect with our maintenance manager and see if we would be a good fit for helping you out with your maintenance needs.

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