Weed Removal Victoria BC

What do most home owners in Victoria BC dislike most about gardening? Weed removal!

That’s where the experts at Costa Verde come to the rescue as we love weeding and the sight of a beautifully tended gardens and lawns.

Put an End to Your Garden of Weeds

By utilizing our maintenance team, our highly experienced crew can quickly clean out your garden beds, removing unwanted (and unhealthy) weeds in a flash. Why not consider joining our regular lawn and garden maintenance plan?

We often add time on to our lawn maintenance contracts in order to help clients keep up with garden weeding, mulching etc.

Don’t Let the Weeds Take Over!

At Costa Verde, we know that the biggest difference you can make to your garden, both visually and for soil quality, is keeping it clear of weeds.

Let us take over the weeding chore of keeping your beds and lawn healthy.

Keep Your Garden’s Looking Fresh with Weed Removal

Why not schedule our crew to visit your property and whip your gardens into shape.

We can even incorporate routine weeding and garden care into our standard lawn maintenance schedule to ensure that your gardens always look fresh, vibrant and weed-free!

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For your complimentary consultation give the professionals at Costa Verde a call at 778-402-8836 or email us at info@costa-verde.ca

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