Leaf Pick-Up Victoria BC

Fall can be one of the prettiest seasons in Victoria, BC, but it also creates additional landscape maintenance from the homeowner’s point of view due to Leaf Clean-Ups

While children and dogs may love to run and play in the leaves, someone has to rake them… and that raking takes time away from your week-ends!

Make Fall Leaf Clean-Ups a Breeze!

At Costa Verde, we clear fallen leaves from pathways, grass, and gardens, then add them to your composter, take them to the curb, or haul them away for recycling. We help you reclaim your free time and your outdoor space by removing all the leaves and fallen debris.

Fall’s Bounty Makes Great Mulch!

The removal of fallen leaves allows your lawns and garden beds to breathe and flourish which helps prepare it for the coming seasons. We can also recycle the leaves on site and use them as mulch for your garden beds to help protect them against the coming winter.

Clean, Clear and Ready for Winter

We know you take great pride in keeping your grounds well-tended in spring, summer and fall. Why not do the same for winter? By keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance visits from the pro’s at Costa Verde, your lawn and gardens will always look their best, no matter what the season.

Give the crew at Costa Verde a call to book your Leaf clean up in Victoria, BC. We can help you maintain and ready your property for the next season.

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