Planting Victoria BC

The Costa Verde gardening crew are the Planting Victoria BC Pro’s!

There is a distinct science – an art if you will, to producing healthy, vibrant plants. Costa Verde’s Planting Pro’s can help you achieve a magnificently landscaped property!

Years of Planting Perfection Experience!

Costa Verde’s crew has over 12 years of planting experience under our belt learned through maintaining yards, doing large installations, as well as the ongoing training sessions.

We carefully ascertain the conditions of the soil on your property, hours of sunlight in the space, and measure the height and width of established plants.

Let us apply our proven planting and pruning techniques so you can sit back and watch your plants thrive!

Wholesale access

Costa Verde has created strong working connections with wholesalers in and around Victoria. As such, we receive great pricing on plants, most with a 1 year guarantee, as use local plants whenever possible.

We’ve found that sourcing out local growers allows us to find more drought resistant and deer friendly plants. We also successfully source out large established hedging, trees, and shrubs, as well as specialty items as requested.

Discounts have been negotiated at all our local plant vendors which in turn we pass along to our clients.

New ideas and designs

At Costa Verde, we combine unique, fresh ideas to create stylish and stunning outdoor spaces, Backed by our proven experience utilizing all types of plants, stones, shrubs and trees, we successfully meld traditional planting configurations with new, modern ideas and styles.

We’ve found that planting using multi-layered colors and textures compliments the style and features of your home allowing it to stand out from the typical dwelling.

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