Costa Verde was a first class company to deal with from start to finish. When Cam came by to do an estimate, I was impressed with the level of detail. Multiple measurements  were made, and accurate quotes from our plans remained valid throughout the project.

The crews were incredibly hard working and dedicated.

I could not believe that Randy could still be so polite and respectful despite working in the hot sun from sun up to sundown! He did an amazing job on our interlocking block patio and worked harder and longer than anyone I have ever witnessed. I was impressed on a daily basis watching him excavating, hauling uncounted loads of material and constructing around our 1/3 acre property.

Materials supplied were generous. I was concerned that the large boulders we had in mind for the rock walls might be compromised. I was delighted with the supply of huge boulders delivered and amazed how they were positioned.

Delicate demolition and removal of old concrete pads; some attached to house foundations, was done expertly. The new concrete pads were installed and function perfectly.

Chris did a great job with an extensive (10 zone) irrigation project. He had to install most of the lines during the huge excavation work needed before reconstruction.

Ellice did an amazing job on the fencing around our meditation area in the back. His perfectionist style will mean a beautiful fence to last for years to come.

The rock water feature that Ryan built is a central viewing focus enjoyed multiple times a day.

The plantings that we contracted for were generous and expertly installed by the Costa Verde team.

The shed built in the back was built to high standard that gives me pride of ownership.

Costa Verde got the work done on budget and was very fair on their billing practices.

We are enjoying the beauty and utility of our landscaping every day.

Thank you so much to the dedicated team at Costa Verde!