Retaining Walls Victoria BC

Providing proper retaining walls can make a huge difference in the drainage and maintenance of a well-kept yard, especially when the stone and masonry experts at Costa Verde, Victoria BC, are on the job!

What Material to Use for your Retaining Walls?

We know exactly how to design and construct solid walls from strategically placed boulders, slate, rock, and the traditional poured concrete method to showcase your yard or gardens while allowing for proper run-off of water. We even use Natural materials such as driftwood logs to enhance the landscape and retain gardens.

Passing the Grade

By paying close attention to detail and utilizing our experienced landscapers, Costa Verde will construct retaining walls that will last for years to come. We can also create a multi-level tiered retaining wall to maximize the space and natural grade of your property.

If you are looking for poured concrete walls, our journeyman carpenter is an expert at framing up beautiful concrete walls.

We have access to wholesale stone suppliers and our masons love to work with local and unique stone to build stunning rock walls, pillars and stone features

On the Level

It’s not always about creating a barrier out of stone. Sometimes retaining walls are built to make for easier lawn care or create a terraced effect.

No matter the reasoning behind your decision to build a retaining wall, we’ll help you decide on the best strategic solution and proper usage of stone.

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