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Liming lawns in Victoria, BC

Moss, weeds, and pests in lawns are the first indicators that your soil has become too acidic. Low soil PH makes it hard for grass’ roots to absorb the essential nutrients it needs to grow. Liming lawns in Victoria, BC corrects this imbalance and improves the grass’s ability to take up nutrients—and grow strong, thick, and healthy. 

Liming lawns in Victoria, BC to improve soil health

Lime is made from ground limestone rock that contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Adding lime (in our case, dolomite lime) helps to increase a soil’s PH to make it more alkaline (or basic) over time and create a balanced environment in which healthy green grass can thrive. 

Costa Verde’s lawn maintenance team uses dolomite lime, which contains more magnesium along with calcium carbonate than other products that often only contain the latter. 

Dolomite lime to correct lawn soil PH and remove moss

Liming is a less expensive, yet slower alternative to thatching to help get moss out of your lawn. However, with thatching, we recommend also correcting soil PH by adding nutrients to fix the problem at the roots.

Liming lawns and boosting soil health in Victoria, BC

In addition to your current maintenance package with the team at Costa Verde in Victoria, BC, we can add lime to your lawn to help remove moss and improve the PH of your soil. We are not currently offering this as a one-off service but can add it to your annual maintenance package. 

In the early summer when the spring rains have stopped, we can visit your property and put lime down in the problem areas. Once the moss dies and dries out, we’ll rake it out by hand and remove the debris for you. We can also top dress and overseed new grass and soil in those areas to make your lawn look great. 

Liming lawns in Victoria, BC increases the PH of your soil so that moss and weeds can’t thrive in your lawn anymore. 

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