Lawn De-Mossing Victoria BC

Let the pro’s at Costa Verde help you with lawn de-mossing on your property in Victoria, BC. Unwanted moss can cause a myriad of problems, especially when it grows unchecked on lawns, roofs, decks, patios, driveways and rocks.

Moss Isn’t Just Messy

Moss loves to grow in wet conditions so our climate here in Victoria is perfect for it to spread. Moss loves moisture so thrives in our wet fall, winter and spring.

It also alters the ph levels of the soil in your lawn, which in turn does not provide the proper nutrients for your lawn to grow, so the sitution will worsen over time, eventually leading to a full replacement.

What is Lawn De-Mossing Anyway?

Lawn de-mossing using a specialized thatching machine removes all the moss from the lawn which can be a huge problem in our wet climate in Victoria, BC.

Plus we will clean up after this process leaving you with no mess to contend with on your property.

Give Your Lawn a New Coat

By properly removing the moss, we can then top dress and re-seed your lawn to give it a boost and foster new growth.

Properly tending for your lawn all year round ensures maximum greenery as well as providing great curb appeal.

Contact us via phone or email to arrange for a complimentary consultation on how best Costa Verde can serve you in removing unwanted moss from your property.

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