Uplands Victoria BC

When we first examined this client’s property, we found that most of their existing lawn had deteriorated beyond repair. They did have beautiful Garry Oak trees throughout the property, but other than that we had to start from scratch.

First came the removal of the ground layer of soil and general excavation of the back yard. Once we obtained the proper permit, then we installed a new in-ground irrigation system which ensures ease of maintenance for years to come. Incorporating a totally new landscape design for the space, we created a new lawn, patio, and garden beds to blend into the image the owners wished to maintain. Boulders were strategically intermingled with the new shrubs to fashion an Alpine feel to the property.

Another feature of this beautiful property is the interlocking patio and pathway we created to their newly poured cement stairs. We also redid the existing interlocking brick driveway as there were too many dips and dives in the existing one to pry up stones here and there and try to make the surface level again. We also built and installed a large cedar vegetable container in the backyard as the owner desired a spot in which to plant a small garden.

The team at Costa Verde continues to work on this property as well as perform the routine care and maintenance for the owners of this beautiful home.

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