Japanese Garden Victoria BC

The definition of ‘fusion’ is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. Such was the inspiration for this Japanese Garden project in Victoria, BC.

We have been working with this particular owner for over 10 years and have transformed this space from the ground up. The backyard resembled more of an urban wasteland when we started, and due to extremely poor drainage, the area became very swampy in the winter. With no viable fence in place, chunks of cement buried in the ground, and an old dilapidated shed, we literally wiped the slate clean (so to speak), and started from scratch.

Building raised garden beds all around the perimeter means that water doesn’t flow from neighbouring properties and flood our client’s yard. Which is exactly what we did. We then replaced the old cement slabs and recycled them as massive paving stones, including adding stain here and there for extra pops of colour. We planted a serene bamboo hedge that compliments the decks and hot tub cover that we also designed and constructed. We now work with expert contractors on all construction aspects of large-scale landscaping projects.

Through incorporating showpieces that we sourced and collected over the last 10 years with the client, a Zen-like feeling now permeates this backyard haven. Some of these amazing pieces strewn throughout the garden were over 80 years old and well-established.

This client has since purchased a new home and we have already started working on landscaping their new outdoor living space.

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