Hedge, Shrub, and Tree Fertilization

Hedge, shrub, and tree fertilization in Victoria, BC 

The health and beauty of trees, hedges, and shrubs on your property depend on your soil. However, every plant is different, of course. They each absorb and release different nutrients and minerals into the soil and like certain soil PH to thrive. Over time, a plant may deplete or overproduce too much of a certainContinue Reading

Spring and fall garden bed cleanup

Garden bed maintenance in Victoria, BC

The experienced team of maintenance gardeners at Costa Verde most often visits and maintains properties many times throughout the year. However, we also offer a flexible scheduling seasonal option that appeals to many homeowners and hobby gardeners: the spring and fall garden bed cleanup in Victoria, BC.  Spring and fall garden bed cleanup in Victoria,Continue Reading

Liming Lawns

Lawn aerating in Victoria, BC

Moss, weeds, and pests in lawns are the first indicators that your soil has become too acidic. Low soil PH makes it hard for grass’ roots to absorb the essential nutrients it needs to grow. Liming lawns in Victoria, BC corrects this imbalance and improves the grass’s ability to take up nutrients—and grow strong, thick,Continue Reading

Overseeding Lawns

Overseeding and top dressing lawns in Victoria, BC

Overseeding lawns in Victoria, BC is a great and easy way to add new life and growth to your existing lawn. In addition to your current maintenance package with the team at Costa Verde in Victoria, BC, we can overseed your lawn to encourage healthy new growth. We are not currently offering overseeding lawns asContinue Reading

Top Dressing Lawns

Overseeding and top dressing lawns in Victoria, BC

Top dressing lawns in Victoria, BC is a great way to refresh the topmost layer of your lawn’s soil, add nutrients, improve drainage, and level it out from general wear and tear, weather, and holes. It’s also an ideal time to overseed with new grass seed and add organic lawn fertilizer to thicken and strengthenContinue Reading

Lawn Aerating

Lawn aerating in Victoria, BC

Grass needs oxygen, nutrients, water, and proper soil drainage at its roots in order to be healthy. Aerating your lawn in Victoria, BC is the perfect way to achieve this. Lawn aeration is especially important for older and well-used lawns that have been compacted and weathered over time. Aeration helps break up the soil andContinue Reading

Thatching Lawns

Thatching and de-mossing lawns in Victoria, BC

When it comes to lawn care, thatching lawns in Victoria, BC, which is also known as dethatching and de-mossing, is an important part of removing built-up yellow, dead grass, moss and organic matter in order to make room for new growth.   Improving the health of your lawn with thatching in Victoria, BC The lawn maintenanceContinue Reading

Organic Lawn Fertilizing

Organic lawn fertilizing and liming lawns in Victoria, BC 

Organic lawn fertilizing in Victoria, BC is important because the soil beneath your grass gets depleted of essential nutrients and minerals over time, wear, and weather. Fertilizer releases nutrients over time, which helps keep your grass healthy, thick, and weed- and moss-free.  Our team of maintenance gardeners at Costa Verde only uses an organic lawnContinue Reading

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation installation and maintenance in Victoria, BC

Costa Verde in Victoria, BC has an expert on our team who specializes in irrigation. Our irrigation technician can install entirely new water systems into your yard or maintain and repair existing lines as a one-time service or ongoing maintenance from season to season. After all, regular maintenance and check-ups improve the longevity and efficiencyContinue Reading

Leaf Cleanup and Removal

Leaf cleanup and removal in Victoria, BC 

Fall is a beautiful time of year with the changing colours and fallen leaves on the ground. But, when leaves are left out to decompose, they can ruin the grass and make your walkways, patio, driveway, and boulevard dangerous slipping hazards. Let us help you with your leaf cleanup in Victoria, BC before it getsContinue Reading