Garden Soils and Soil Amending

Hedge, shrub, and tree fertilization in Victoria, BC 

We have been in the gardening business in Victoria, BC since 2007 and have seen a lot of gardens. We know that landscapes full of weeds, moss, pooling water, and runoff signify a garden soil and nutrient issue. Healthy garden soils are key to thriving, fertile gardens with minimal weeds. That’s why we recommend improvingContinue Reading

Annual Flower Designs

Annual flower designs in Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC is known for its beautiful gardens and colourful annual flower designs. Our team is a proud contributor to this fact, planting displays of perennial and annual flowers that maximize the beauty of local gardens from season to season.  Flower beds for special events restaurant patios, and home gardens We plant annual flower designsContinue Reading


Mulching gardens in Victoria, BC 

We highly recommend mulching gardens in Victoria, BC every year. Mulching is a great way to conserve soil moisture, protect your plants from harsh weather and weeds, and add fertile nutrients to your garden. It will help protect your garden and plants against drought, weeds, frost, snow, runoff from heavy rains, and general soil degradationContinue Reading


Hedging services in Victoria, BC

Costa Verde in Victoria, BC has a dedicated year-round gardening team that specializes in hedging and pruning. When done properly, hedges can add so much beauty, privacy, and noise-cancellation to your outdoor space.  Safe and knowledgeable hedging team in Victoria BC Our hedging team is trained in safety precautions and has essential safety gear includingContinue Reading


Pruning and hedging in Victoria, BC

At Costa Verde in Victoria, BC, all pruning jobs are guided and done by our most experienced gardeners. They understand plants and know how to prune properly and safely. Since 2007, we have pruned everything from vines, fruit trees, roses, and plants like rhododendrons to trees and hedges up to 16 feet high.  Every plantContinue Reading


Weeding gardGarden bed maintenance in Victoria, BCens in Victoria, BC

The Costa Verde team has been weeding gardens in Victoria, BC since 2007 and knows a lot about plants (and weeds, for that matter). We’ve spent years perfecting our services—and part of that is being efficient and effective with our weeding methods.  Effective weeding methods and tools for various species in Victoria BC We haveContinue Reading

Yard Cleanup

Yard cleanup in Victoria, BC 

A simple yard cleanup in Victoria BC can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your outdoor space. The gardening team at Costa Verde does the hard work of cleaning up unruly or overgrown yards by cutting back, trimming, weeding, pruning, pulling out and planting new plants and flowers, mulching, watering,Continue Reading

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance in Victoria, BC

Maintaining your Victoria BC garden from season-to-season every year takes hard work, time, and energy that not everyone has. That’s where our experienced gardeners can help. The team at Costa Verde in Victoria, BC has been doing garden maintenance since 2007. We specialize in plants and know what they need to thrive—and make your yardContinue Reading


Landscaping and gardening services planting victoria bc

The team at Costa Verde in Victoria, BC has been gardening, planting, and maintaining healthy, thriving plants since 2007. We’ve learned what plants work well in our temperate coastal climate (and what local deer and pests tend to avoid).  We value planting in Victoria BC as one of our most visually pleasing landscape features. It’sContinue Reading

Garden Design

landscaping services plants and trees planting and install in victoria bc

Plants make a garden. They’re the finishing touch—and the first impression—of your home and outdoor space. For us, creating a garden design is a simple process that makes all the difference. We have been gardening since 2007 and are very passionate about plants. We know which plants work (and which don’t) in Victoria, BC.  WeContinue Reading