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If your garden is constantly full of weeds, moss, clay, or not draining properly, don’t despair. It IS possible to fix your existing areas and get them back on track through adding top soil and soil amending in Victoria, BC.

At Costa Verde, we’ve seen a lot of gardens and know exactly what your lawn and garden soil needs to become a fertile and thriving bed once more.

Good soil is a definite must if you want healthy plants… period. Soil amending will also help a lot with weed control and these pesky plants only thrive in poor soil conditions.

We like to think as soil amending as nature’s alternative to commercial fertilizer making it a more eco-friendly process.

Make Amends with Your Soil

We have studied and now totally understand soil! Weeds thrive in poor soil and can quickly take over garden beds, lawns and landscapes.

By amending your current soil, plants will flourish, and push out pesky weeds and invasive species.

The ideal growing condition is having a light, airy well-mulched dressing on the top so the proper water retention is easily achieved.

What’s in a PH Level?

Certain plants require a certain ph in order to grow. Depending on your existing soil quality and surrounding environment, your ph levels may need to be adjusted.

For example, if your garden is overgrown with weeds and other invasive species and the plants are struggling, once these weeds are removed your soil will need to be amended in order to balance the Ph. After Soil Amending your plants will have the nutrients needed, room to grow and start to grow and fill out properly. The little weeds that pop up here and there will be easily plucked out of a light fluffy loam.

Great Top soil Creates Beautiful Results

Think black, rich, gorgeous top soiled beds, balanced by beautiful plants that make it simply pop. That’s the picture the landscaping experts at Costa Verde create at every home.

Clean beds are much easier to maintain, and a layer of light loam makes them easy to turn and cultivate, weed etc. Furthermore, moisture easily absorbs into the bed helping to cut back on excessive use of water.

So if you’re tired of looking at a weed-infested flower bed or garden, call us to receive a complimentary consultation on how the professions at Costa Verde can help you revive your garden plots.

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