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Top dressing lawns in Victoria, BC

Top dressing lawns in Victoria, BC is a great way to refresh the topmost layer of your lawn’s soil, add nutrients, improve drainage, and level it out from general wear and tear, weather, and holes. It’s also an ideal time to overseed with new grass seed and add organic lawn fertilizer to thicken and strengthen your lawn.  

Premium lawn blend of topsoil and fine sand for top dressing lawns

The lawn maintenance team at Costa Verde in Victoria, BC uses a premium lawn blend of topsoil and fine sand. The sandy soil helps with drainage and allows the nutrients to seep into the soil—and grass roots—over time. We can also only use a fine sand to improve drainage if your soil quality is already great. 

Top dressing lawns in Victoria BC improve its health and longevity

We recommend top dressing lawns and overseeding in Victoria, BC anytime between February and September—ideally in the spring or fall rainy and cooler seasons. If you have irrigation in place, we can also do this in the summer as long as the new growth is watered daily. 

If your lawn has lots of patches of dead grass, holes, weeds, moss, and so on, we may recommend several steps. We could add a thin layer of a nutrient-rich lawn blend as a top dressing and rake it in before overseeding and adding organic fertilizer. New grass will grow through and help thicken and strengthen your lawn.  

Our crew often thatches or aerates lawns and then adds top dressing, overseeds, and adds organic fertilizer. Top dressing lawns is available as a one-off service or can be added to your annual lawn maintenance package with us. 

Top dress your Victoria, BC lawn for a spring refresh—and improve the health and longevity of your yard.

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