Raised Garden Beds Victoria BC

Maximize your outdoor space with raised garden beds in Victoria BC. Enjoy your veggies AND save your aching back!

Nothing tastes better than super fresh veggies and herbs grown in your own backyard. And growing edible gardens in Victoria is easier than you may think!

At Costa Verde, we can create a custom built raised garden beds sized to fit any space in your yard. When planted strategically, vegetable and herb gardens can be both visually and functionally beautiful additions to your outdoor living space.

As well, we’ve crafted deck boxes and planters in all shapes and sizes for clients who lack physical yard space yet want to grow a few vegetables or herbs on their patio area.

Limited Garden Bed Space? No Problem!

Whether you have a large area and are thinking of creating an expansive garden plot, or just wanting to maximize a small spot, we can help.

The Costa Verde gardening crew are experts at creating usable gardens for growing heaps of fruits and veggies or showcasing your landscaped home to its fullest advantage.

Cedar, Stone, Logs – Take Your Pick!

Costa Verde has partnered with a local mill to find large timbers and massive cedar boards for our clients. We have also found a fabulous source to provide us with clean cedar driftwood, cut stone, or blast rock as well.

Our connections with direct importers and manufacturers of large garden pots allow us to craft creative designs in your yard, maximizing your space.

Our staff all love growing our own fresh veggies and take pride in being a part of ‘green’ method of living.

Grow Your Own Fresh Veggies!

Even if you are a seasoned gardening veteran or just starting out with a few herbs, we have all been through the same learning process. We’ve gone to school and learned the details of what it takes to create a bountiful garden.

Things such as how to amend soil, what soil types and additives certain plants need, what are the best organic fertilizers, seeds, and what you need to start successful gardens. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to creating (and maintaining!) a fresh, bountiful garden!

If you’d like to venture into container gardening or grow a full-sized vegetable plot, contact the plant people at Costa Verde today to find out how you can maximize your current space to produce some succulent species this season.

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