Pruning Victoria BC

The Costa Verde Pro’s make pruning in Victoria BC look easy.

We’ve got the right tools, the best equipment, and we know exactly how to prune your shrubbery and trees to optimize good plant health! Call the experts at Costa Verde to help whip your shrubs into shape!

Proper Pruning at its Finest!

Costa Verde has one of the best teams when it comes to knowing the proper process of pruning.

Our wealth of exceptional skills and long term knowledge set us apart from other landscaping companies.

We literally have been cutting the same hedges/perennials, and vineyards year after year after year, and have seen and learned from the fabulous results we consistently achieved year after year after year!

It’s All in the Equipment!

We only use top-of-the-line, commercial grade, forged steel equipment. We make sure that our tools are professionally sharpened regularly, disinfected after each use, and that we have the right tool for the right job.

Not only does properly cared for equipment make a clean cut/faster healing for the plant with less chance of disease setting in, but also helps our staff be more efficient and faster in completing their garden pruning.

Make Way for New Growth

At Costa Verde, we consider ourselves fruit tree experts. We’ve seen consistently high yield crops from otherwise dormant trees due to the fact that proper pruning has been applied to the trees. With the right tools and proper pruning, hedges will once again become thick and lush, filling out with new growth.

Shaping and careful pruning will provide your trees and shrubs with years of healthy life.

Is it time to tame your unruly roses or trim the uneven tree growing on your property?

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