Plants and Trees Victoria BC

Wondering what plants and trees grow best in Victoria, BC? Costa Verde has the information you’re looking for! Whether you’re looking for native plants to compliment your natural surroundings. Or, something a bit more exotic to add a little flare. We’ve got you covered.

We Know Our Foliage!

We’ve established great rapport with our local nurseries that specialize in rare and native plants as well as the typical Canadian plants. Plus, our access to wholesale pricing on bulk orders helps you maintain your landscaping budget while giving you a fabulous looking yard.

Nature Lover? We’ve Got the Plants for You!

Using a shrub-based hedging creates a natural noise barrier while also offering privacy to your outdoor living area. Bees, butterflies and birds only add to the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Wondering what plants can be added to your garden that will attract the right kind of critters? We’d love to teach you! Looking to keep the other kinds of pests from snacking on your property? If you are experiencing difficulty with unwanted deer roaming in your yard, we can provide you with a luxurious ‘deer-proof’ plan for planting.

Add Splashes of the Exotic to Your Yard

Costa Verde uses highly drought resistant plants, rare and exotic offerings and we match these to the sun/shade exposure of your property so that the colours provide a complimentary addition to your overall outdoor experience.

Hosting an event? Redoing the decor of a space? We can also assist you in planning your outdoor wedding, function, store or restaurant decor through the provision of selected potted flowers and plants.

We even provide a guarantee on a number of plants and hedging shrubs.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get more enjoyment out of your garden area.

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