Patio Pavers Victoria BC

Patio Pavers – the versatile landscape enhancers for your home in Victoria, BC

Pick Your Favourite Patio Paver

Patio pavers are as varied in colour, design, material composition and size as are the applications of these versatile bricks. Gone are the days of the standard brick-shaped paver. Today, numerous choices are available, so,there’s sure to be one that suits your discerning taste!

Low Maintenance is a Bonus!

Patio pavers offer the perfect combination of providing a high-end look with an extremely low maintenance threshold. They can be used for patios and pathways, around water features and pools, or can be simply used as stepping stones in a lawn or garden. You think of a use, we can do it for you!

Proper Installation is Key to Long-lasting Beauty

Styles vary from modern, sleek-looking blocks to the traditional smaller, more compact and subdued colour pieces often found in English gardens.

Creating a quality installation of patio pavers starts with the proper preparation of the ground. Removal of existing soils, stumps and so on. followed by the laying of a solid foundation of road base gravel, compacted and levelled is key to preventing the pavers from shifting or collapsing due to fluctuations in weather conditions.

Costa Verde has crafted many walkways, ground level patios, hot tub bases and general outdoor living spaces with many unique and attractive types of patio pavers over the years. Call us for more information on how we can add some pizzazz to your patio today!

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