Mulching Victoria BC

Mulching Victoria BC is Made Easy with Costa Verde’s Landscaping Team!

Read on to find out why proper mulching is your garden’s best friend!

Why Mulch your garden?

Mulching is a great way to conserve moisture in your garden areas. It allows the water to quickly soak into the soil when watering, and protects it from drying out in the hot sun.

Over winter it provides a blanket that protects your plants, allowing them to come out strong in the spring. In fact, mulching in Victoria, BC, is almost a necessity if you want to continue to enjoy healthy gardens from season to season.

Mulching improves the health and fertility of the soil and also breaks down into premium soil over time, benefiting the gardens and plants. It dramatically reduces weed growth and provides a wet, rich look to your gardens. Depending on the soil type, drainage, sun exposure etc. of your property, we make sure that the right product is used.

The Mulching Process

First we make sure that all the prep work is completed. Plants/shrubs are trimmed, the beds are cleaned out of all debris and weeds, then we cut nice clean edges into the lawn to create crisp definition between the lawn and garden.

This ensures that we achieve what we call a ‘raised bed’ look which creates more visual interest as well as providing a natural ‘curb’ for the mulch to rest on.

Next, we turn over or cultivate the existing soil and then apply a good layer of mulch – whichever style/type ted be used. Making sure to evenly cover the garden bed, not choke out the existing plants and stick to the set grades of the landscape and homes foundation and hardscaping is key knowledge to have laid out.

Create Weed-free Stunning Garden Beds

Regular mulching balances the ph level of the soil which in turn helps the plants thrive. By following these steps and adding a proper mulch your gardens will flourish.

Weeds love to grow exceptionally well in poor soil conditions, so by improving soil quality, the need to weed will be decreased saving you both time and money. Costa Verde’s favorite top dressing is a soil amender – a deep, rich black mulch that makes gardens pop with richness.

So if you’d like to highlight and protect your garden beds, season through season, give the landscape experts at Costa Verde a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with a complimentary estimate for conducting this valuable service.

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