Lawn Edging Victoria BC

Crisp, clean lawn edging can help create stunning curb appeal and beauty to your property in Victoria, BC. Nothing provides a more stunning picture than a perfectly manicured lawn with pristine garden beds showcasing a home.

Keep Weeds Out and Flowers In

Lawn edging can maximize the potential health and beauty of your property. At Costa Verde, we use both lawn edger’s and string trimmers to create clean-cut lines. By doing this process on a regular basis, grass and weeds are kept out of your gardens which allow their true natural beauty to shine forth. Plants aren’t choked by weeds and are better able to thrive in their cleaned beds.

Maximize Your Planting Efforts

Properly spaced plants firmly entrenched in rich soil can produce years of beauty. At Costa Verde we showcase your gardens in their best light by keeping crisp lines between garden beds and lawn, or a neatly trimmed and de-mossed pathway.

Clearly Define Your Space with Lawn Edging

Lawn edging clearly defines the space which you’ve designated as a garden or flower bed. It also provides the perfectly groomed ground to maximize mulching efforts and therefore saves on water and weeding. Besides, nothing makes a garden look finished than a nice, clean edge around it.

Contact us via phone or email to find out more about how we can showcase your gardens and lawns in their best light. We also do Brush Cutting, Clearing and large scale weed whacking.

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