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Lawn aerating in Victoria, BC

Grass needs oxygen, nutrients, water, and proper soil drainage at its roots in order to be healthy. Aerating your lawn in Victoria, BC is the perfect way to achieve this. Lawn aeration is especially important for older and well-used lawns that have been compacted and weathered over time. Aeration helps break up the soil and bring air and water to the roots, which will in turn sprout new growth on the surface. 

Spring lawn aerating in Victoria, BC

We are not currently offering lawn aerating as a one-off service but can add it to your maintenance package with us. With your lawn maintenance package, for example, we always measure and size out your lawn so that we can easily price add-ons such as lawn aeration and organic fertilizing. 

We usually do lawn aerating once a year in the spring and organize our customer property visits altogether to help keep your costs down. 

Improving drainage and breathability with aeration and sand

Our lawn maintenance crew uses a core aeration machine that punches holes into your lawn to create pore space in the soil. Our team can also rake a sandy lawn blend or fine sand over the holes in order to improve drainage and maintain aeration in your soil. This combined with a fertilizer application and overseed really helps refresh a tired lawn. 

We also train our team on how to run your lawn irrigation zones and flag your irrigation water heads to avoid any damage to your watering system during the lawn aeration. 

Schedule your next lawn aerating service in Victoria BC into your lawn maintenance package with us. 

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