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Old age isn’t a bad thing if you hire the pro’s at Costa Verde to help with lawn aerating.

As grass ages, the soil underneath becomes compacted, allowing little or no pore space (small pockets of air held in the soil) which makes it difficult for grass roots to absorb water and nutrients and grow.

Tired Grass is a Breeding Ground for Insects

Older lawns eventually will deteriorate, making it more susceptible to weeds and attack by insects and diseases.

If not properly cared for on a regular basis, no amount of fertilizer will bring an old lawn back to life.

Aerating just once a year can help keep your green space green and thriving.

Let Your Lawn Breathe With Lawn Aerating.

The lawn care crew at Costa Verde, Victoria, BC, firmly believes that aerating improves soil drainage and encourages worms, micro-fauna and flora to flourish in the lawn, which requires oxygen to grow.

This significantly improves lawn health and appearance giving you that healthy, vibrant green carpet that you desire.

One Treatment a Year Does the Trick!

Aeration needs to be done only once a year, in either late spring or early summer.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment to have this necessary process performed on your lawn this season.

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