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Landscape design is an important aspect of homeownership here in Victoria, BC. Whether you are new to the area, visiting or a born and raised Islander…it is visibly obvious that we take pride in our properties! Why is that? Well ,what better way to show off our gorgeous piece of Canadian paradise?

But, we’re not all experts..

Anyone can plant plain old grass. You start with some soil, add a bit of fertilizer, throw on some grass seed, water it a bit and presto – there’s your lawn. Piece of cake, right? But-what happens when the flowering crab tree you bought on sale starts to overshadow your hydrangea that your mother-in-law gave you? Or, crabgrass and dandelions have totally covered your front lawn?

Doesn’t look so great now, does it? That’s why proper landscape design matters!

Even if you have a well trained green-thumb…Everyone can use a bit of help to make sure their landscape design brings out the best of their property

Proper Planning Produces Bountiful Beauty

If visions of lush green lawns complete with strategically placed vibrant flowers and shrubs are on your ‘wish list’ for your home, then Costa Verde should be your first choice of landscape designers in Victoria, BC.

At Costa Verde we know what is supposed to be planted and where, which definitely helps your greenery thrive! Costa Verde experts also ensure that proper drainage and excavation codes are maintained at all times to keep your landscape design looking Victoria proper!

There’s a Place (and Space) for Everything in your Landscape Design

By incorporating your space requirements with practicality, Costa Verde can optimize your living space by taking it outdoors – sparking neighbourhood envy! Our landscape design will allow you to create tranquil outdoor entertainment areas, perfectly placed vegetable and flower gardens and talk-of-the-town lawns! This, all while utilizing the very best of materials to ensure many years of enjoyment.

It’s All a Matter of Taste!

No matter what your vision is for your property our landscaping specialists will help create and bring alive customized landscape design plans to suit your budget and dreams. Whether you desire small modifications to your yard or a complete revamping of your outdoor surroundings, our landscaping specialists will craft a specific design for your outdoor space.

For your consultation give the professionals at Costa Verde a call at 778-402-8836 or email us at

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For your complimentary consultation give the professionals at Costa Verde a call at 778-402-8836 or email us at

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