Interlocking Brick Victoria BC

Are you looking for fabulous interlocking brick-work in Victoria, BC? Then look no further than Costa Verde Landscaping!

Interlocking Brick – The Perfect Path Welcomes You Home!

All pathways should lead you to the brick experts of Costa Verde. We can help you create stunning patios and walkways using creative designs from a wide variety of colors and materials. Our locally sources and high end materials will provide years of durability and decorative touches to your property.

Sow the Brick- Reap the Benefits

Interlocking brick is formed so it will not chip, shrink or expand. It is designed to last decades with very little maintenance. The smart choice for those wanting very little upkeep.

In Victoria, we’re all about treating our environment with respect. At Costa Verde we uphold that value and encourage our clients to always choose the greener way! Interlocking brick is a sustainable option, especially for our often rainy climate. The brick works to prevent excess water run-off and erosion by capturing the run-off storm water. Acting as a filter and retaining the water, the brick returns it to the soils around. Not only does it look sharp, it’s beneficial.

Do it Right the First Time Around!

At Costa Verde, our qualified installers follow the proper procedures to ensure that your finished product won’t sag, dip, or pool over time! And, as always, we stand behind our craftsmanship and guarantee that our work is properly contained and finished. Your interlocking brick patio or walkway will remain weed-free and beautiful for many years to come.

Not All Stone is Created Equal

Interlocking brick is an amazing alternative to a standard asphalt or plain cement driveway. Costa Verde specializes in using Abbotsford paving stones – one of the best materials in today’s marketplace. Why not showcase your property with a geometrically attractive new interlocking brick pathway, patio or driveway today?

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