Hedging Victoria BC

Costa Verde will help maintain or surround your property with a healthy hedging in Victoria, BC. Nothing says luxury any faster than seeing a beautiful, lush hedge surrounding a property providing year round privacy.

At Costa Verde, we know all the right steps to creating (and maintaining) a stately and sturdy hedge for years to come!

Let the Pro’s Create a Healthy Hedge

Our trained, gardening staff and horticulturists are experts at pruning and/or installing a new hedge on your property. We know which trees and hedging grows best taking into consideration different types of soil, drainage, sun levels etc. We practice best pruning practices so that your hedge is maintained to its optimum health.

Planting Choices

We also plant loads of new hedges and source out the ever popular cedar plantings or utilize different species to provide privacy such as bamboo or other unique naturalized plants. No matter what plant you choose, hedges not only add beauty to your property, but also ensures that you have a private area in which to enjoy those warm summer breezes. Best of all it comes with a 1 year guarantee to give you added peace of mind against diseases etc.

Commercial, Sharp, Clean, Hedging Machines!

Costa Verde only uses top-of-the-line commercial equipment in all our landscaping practices. Our gear meets or exceeds emission laws to help contribute to a healthy environment, and our equipment is always sharpened and disinfected after every use. Whether it is pole pruners, telescopic hedgers, chain saws, or plain clippers, we take care of our tools as shoddy equipment can produce sub-standard jobs.

Safety First

Whether it’s our personal gear such as safety boots, vests, helmets, etc., or our equipment – safety is always top-of-mind at Costa Verde. We conduct safety/operations training courses on all of our equipment, and do regular safety checks to ensure that our workers are protected (as well as you, the homeowner) while we are working on your property. We’ll also carefully set up safety cones and/or tape caution tape if necessary when working in high traffic areas.

We also always ensure that your property is left clean, and all green waste debris removed from hedging is recycled into mulch, thereby removing the necessity of having to fill your compost or haul the waste away to a landfill.

Give us a call to inquire into the cost and availability of natural hedging for your home’s exterior today!

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For your complimentary consultation give the professionals at Costa Verde a call at 778-402-8836 or email us at info@costa-verde.ca

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