Flagstone Patios Victoria BC

Desire a more natural look of your property? Flagstone patios and pathways are the perfect choice for those who are looking to create a more realistic and stunning landscape for their property in Victoria, BC.

Fabulous Flagstone Designs

At Costa Verde, we have a certified flagstone patio installer on staff that specializes in creating visually appealing yet unobtrusive designs that totally suit the requirements of those desiring a flagstone patio in Victoria, BC.

Perfect Patio’s Score Visual Points

Woolly thyme and creeping mosses can be incorporated into the design which helps create a more heritage feel over time. Or if you prefer a table top level patio our certified installers can lay the slate to create a perfectly level surface for tables and chairs.

Costa Verde uses locally sourced flagstone and hand-picks all slate with many varieties and colours to enhance and match the look and feel of your home.

Put Together the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Together our experienced designer coupled with our skilled installers will create a long-lasting outdoor area that will provide interest and character for many years to come.

Call Costa Verde today to see how we can incorporate a flagstone accent to your home today!

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For your complimentary consultation give the professionals at Costa Verde a call at 778-402-8836 or email us at info@costa-verde.ca

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