Excavating and Drainage Victoria BC

The two most important aspects to consider when landscaping your property are the excavating and drainage systems you surround your home with in Victoria, BC.

Why Excavating and Drainage Systems are Important

At Costa Verde, we realize the major importance of conducting proper excavating and installing the correct drainage system in order to ensure your landscaping sits at the proper grade to avoid water issues.

We take great care and precision when grading and installing landscapes as we know how important it is to avoid water leakage at all costs.

Whether it’s just a day or two of general landscaping or installing a full perimeter drain project, the Costa Verde team makes sure that all aspects of sloping your ground is taken into consideration as no one likes to see water pouring in their basement during a record rainfall!

Rain, Rain Go Away! (Or at least in the right direction!)

Gutters and downspouts as well as storm drains are an important part of anyone’s home. These elements are needed in order to maximize rain run-off and eliminate unwanted puddles in your lawn or low spots on your patio and driveway. Plus nobody wants a flood in their home!

Proper Care Today Saves Money and Time Tomorrow

We’ve seen firsthand the damage poorly installed or no drainage systems have had on more than a few homes.

Let the experts at Costa Verde Landscaping perform a detailed examination of your property and provide you with an action plan to save you time and money later on when there’s a torrential downpour!

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