Deer Fencing

Most everyone loves nature and all its creatures. However, a strong, sturdy deer fence is practically a must for some areas in Victoria, BC. Give Costa Verde a call for your deer fencing needs and protect your landscaping and gardens from becoming Bambi’s next midnight snack!

Galvanized Metal… Cedar… Plastic Netting – What’s Your Choice?

Costa Verde can create a functional yet esthetically pleasing deer fence from a wide array of materials. Galvanized metal, cedar planks/logs, or heavy gauge plastic netting – all make good choices when trying to keep critters at bay. We can also incorporate two or three of these choices together to create a stunning fence, either as a back-drop to your property or have it blend it with your natural perimeter.

A Fence is a Fence is a Fence, right?

Not always. There is a certain height that all deer fences need to be in order to keep them from reaching over and devouring all your garden delectable. Yet you needn’t erect a ten foot high fence just to keep them out of your property. The pro’s at Costa Verde will take into consideration the grade of the property as well as the size of the space you wish to keep safe from wandering creatures. We’ll make certain that your gardens and shrubs are properly protected from deer yet at the same time allow the sunlight and rain to nourish your gardens.

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