Wandering Pathways

The concept of “wandering pathways” began with an existing design that was not working for the space. The property had been neglected in terms of maintenance, allowing the weeds and gardens to become very overgrown. The Costa crew began by excavating the area to begin with a clean workspace. They then added well placed pathways from the front to back and sides of the property. Along the paths are secluded areas for resting, sun lounging and entertaining. These paths connect all the outdoor access points and tie the property together, beautifully.

The front of the driveway also received a little Costa touch with the addition of a small blast rock retaining wall, used to hold back the higher end of the front yard. The front and backyard saw the installation of new lawns to brighten up the property.

The team worked with the existing plants, pruning and shaping what they could, removing what they couldn’t. New greenery was brought in, accompanied by rich soil to ensure the health of the new additions.

The team also designed and installed an automatic sprinkler system to deliver water to all of the new, lush and green areas, as efficiently as possible. Wandering pathways is still a work in progress with new plants finding their way into the design to fill the space and add to the colourful West Coast property.

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