Sunset Patio

When the owners of this property approached Costa Verde their vision was to ” see green out of their windows”. A look that they hoped would screen out neighbours yard and street. With their vision and budget in mind, the team came up with a design to encompass all the unique characteristic of the space.

The only access to the the front yard traveled up a long and steep driveway that continued along down the entire side of the home. The team began by constructing a custom double gate and arbour that was installed across the driveway- creating a side yard patio. As the driveway traced the property line of the neighbours, the team cut into the existing asphalt, creating a garden to boarder the line. The border garden was filled with golden bamboo to add a screen between properties and giving the owners their vision of a looking out their windows to see green, lush plants.

Along the front of the property laid a steep embankment that was overrun with weeds, overgrown plants and shrubs. To revive the area the crew began by excavating the bank. They then installed a large retaining wall, constructed from ecstatically pleasing boulders to ensure the slope would be well held back. A flared staircase built of blast rock was installed from the bottom of the driveway to provide a path through the yard to the front door, serving as focal point of entry. To accentuate the the entry point the crew installed a cedar arbour at the top of the stair case.

The upper garden of the property saw a complete revitalization beginning with the removal of the existing garden. Large cedars were installed to further the privacy of the sunny front yard. A custom slate patio was added to the design using pieces of unique, locally sourced slate. A path was also put in place connecting the front door to the street.

To complete the overall look of the property the crew added new greenery and topped it off with a dark mulch, a contrast second to none! The owners now enjoy their sun soaked, customized front yard during all seasons.

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