Hedge, shrub, and tree fertilization in Victoria, BC 

Sunken Front Garden

This newly renovated home was lacking only one thing: front-yard-TLC from the Costa Verde crew.

From the city sidewalk at this property, the slope of the front yard travelled downhill towards the house, causing a pooling of water against the home and a muddy, unsightly mess.

Our team came up with the perfect solution to fix the issue: grade adjustment of the front yard to match the back and a retaining wall. The wall was constructed using large boulders with the ultimate goal of holding back higher garden beds along the sidewalk. The boulders were carefully hand-selected by our team from our local suppliers for size and structure, allowing us to build the perfect steps.

Pathways were then created using a brick that complimented the exterior of the home. The pathways served not only for functionality to access the side yard, driveway, street, and front door but to also separate the yard and create depth and flow.

On either side of the front stairs, we formed garden beds, commonly known as foundations beds, which add a softened layer to the look of the property. Often, this is where most front yards stop. But, the Costa Verde crew likes to link the gardens and landscape together to create interesting and visually appealing layers.

As you’ll see, the crew did just that! Taking it a step further, the landscaping crew worked on the side yard and into the backyard, tying everything together harmoniously! The owners we’re thrilled with the result!

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