Pond Victoria BC

Creating a clean, calming outdoor space with a large water feature was this client’s top priority. They loved the look of modern gardens and wanted something simple yet practical for both future easy maintenance and to provide a space for their dog.

Having a large patio area was top of mind, as they wanted to extend their deck down into their lower yard to create a larger entertainment area. As the owners were nature lovers, they wanted to attract a wide range of birds, hummingbirds, butterflies etc., so having a multitude of garden spaces for planting was a must.

After a few consultations, we designed a great plan that the client loved which incorporated all these things into a modest space, including two water features. First came a complete excavation of their back yard and the two holes were dug for the ponds which we constructed using eight different types of rock and slate. Next, compactable road base was added to bring the property back up to grade, and this material was also used to line the sides and bottom of the ponds.

River rock, boulders, pebbles, and other natural stone materials, including the addition of cement pavers to provide a high-end finish without an exorbitant price tag, were added to the landscape. The finishing touch for this season was a nice thick layer of premium soil amender over all the garden beds which suppresses weeds, helps balance the ph, improves poor soil quality, and is sterilized so it doesn’t come with any weed seeds.

We are now working on creating a planting design to implement in this garden paradise next season. Still to come, a long deck connecting the patios that hovers over the lower pond.

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