Palms North Victoria BC

This wow-factor design large-scale landscaping project in Victoria, BC was an extensive undertaking for Costa Verde that garnered us great reviews.

This was a complex, full-residential landscaping project that became a featured home in the Times Colonist Home and Garden 2014 (Read the article here). In 2017 it was a featured garden for the Victoria Conservatory of Music Mother’s Day Musical Garden Tour.

Working closely with the owner who happened to be an architect, we installed a complex irrigation system necessary to support the extensive plantings and landscape requirements.

For example, three 25 foot well-established pine trees were bought and placed on the property via a large crane. Large fully-formed palm trees for planting were outsourced from the US, and almost 200 shrubs and other trees were purchased from local nurseries within a 100 km radius. We created innovative planting designs using agaves, evergreen magnolias, hostas, eucalyptus, New Zealand flax, and beautiful palm trees surrounding the magnificent in-ground pool.

Almost 1000 individual stone pavers were used to construct a 2’x2′ custom sandstone walkway and enclosure around the pool. We also used the large slate slabs to create a grand set of outdoor stairs.

Working with the general contractor, we were responsible for many ‘unseen’ installations such as the micro-drip heads used for future pots and plants, digging/fitting of gas lines for the owner’s BBQ and patio heaters, as well as laying pool lines, mounting landscape accent lighting—to name just a few.

Our journeyman carpenter, expert landscaping crew, contractor, and pool experts designed and installed the pool seamlessly. It was complete with a hidden retractable roof and solar heating panel to save on electricity costs.

The arbour design was a first for us. We clad the posts and beams with a hardy board and painted it white to match the house and the modern rustic feel of the property. Large timbers were added at the top of the arbour to give it a countryside feel.

As you can see by the many images here on this page, the Costa Verde crew was very pleased with the final outcome of this project, and the owners were totally in love with their amazingly beautiful home.

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