Outdoor Room Victoria BC

This project was a complete ‘do-over’ in the landscaping department. The entire back lawn, side, and front yard needed to have ground removed before we could begin our reconstruction work. All existing plants and tree stumps had to be pulled out to make way for the new design.

Proper grading was necessary to ensure drainage for road based areas and the existing irrigation system needed to be changed to allow for new landscaping. The unique patio design was created to accommodate different around the yard. Large rebar enforced pavers were fashioned with concrete and finished in an exposed aggregate to match the existing cement path and patio. Special soils and decorative gravels were added for visual appeal in the spaces between the slabs, and the owner planted creeping thyme and ground covers which will eventually fill in these areas providing a complimentary color pallet.

The custom-built arbour was built by the Costa Verde team from cedar which was grown and milled here on the island and cut specifically for this project. Cement footings were poured and custom brackets were welded and power-coated for durability while providing a high-end finish look to the arbour. Additional special custom-ordered opaque glass was installed on top of the arbour to allow a year-round dry, bright space from which to enjoy the relaxing visually pleasing gardens.

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