Outdoor Oasis Victoria BC

Oasis – just the word itself conjures up images of the tropics and a getaway spa-like retreat.

As the owners of this particular project were originally from the South Pacific, they wanted us to recreate elements of their former home in a relaxing outdoor area.

We crafted our design incorporating an existing interlocking brick patio area and enlarging it so a full dining area was created. Through the addition of the raised patio, we eliminated the need for steps directly off the back entrance, and created a lounging and barbeque area with a d dividing wall to provide separation between these areas. This additional elevation helps to take advantage of the late evening sun and the glass railing appears transparent to allow guests to see the project in its entirety.

Wishing to create a feeling of warmth regardless of the season, the custom built cedar fencing and large pergola which defines the space and creates a separate relaxation area from which to view the raised garden beds. Utilizing a premium wood stain is important in our climate in order to preserve the wood and ensure longevity of the structures. Chain link fencing which is powder coated black so that it virtually fades away into the brush, was added to keep deer out of the yard.

Lastly, the addition of hardy palms, canna lilies, and hearty bananas were planted with an array of other varieties to give the patio area a sultry feel. Each year tropical annual flowers are added to the raised bed and scattered pottery giving the whole garden a lush tropical look and feel.

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