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What is the best thing to do when you wish to extend your indoor space? Call Costa Verde to create a new backyard entertainment area!

As the owners wanted to extend their indoor living space into the great outdoors, we constructed a fireplace area complete with large 8’ x 8’ timbers as a retaining wall in an unusable part of the yard. A flowing interlock patio was laid to create a solid base for a hot tub, and large, thick slate pieces were brought in and installed around the fire-pit area, giving it the illusion of a separate resting area. By transplanting existing plants and adding a select few new trees and shrubs, we were able to interweave all the design aspects into one cohesive and pleasing patio.

Costa Verde also installed the necessary electrical wiring, not only for the hot tub that the owner had installed, but also to add electricity to the existing back shed which the owner plans to turn into an office.

This client now has a functional outdoor entertainment area, plus a backyard office to add to their living space!

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