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How do you create a peaceful and serene sanctuary in the city? This was the question posed to us on this wonderful property. First the Costa Verde crew removed the old garden shed that had deteriorated beyond repair in the back yard, and then excavated all the existing landscaping. Next, we built on site a new garden shed and an attached home office in a new West Coast style out of beautiful local cedar. A totally new deck, stairs, railings and lattice work were constructed to ensure maximum privacy in the back yard and add additional beauty to the area.

A custom-built bench seating area, complete with comfortable outdoor cushions and a one-of-a-kind coffee table were created on site by the Costa Verde construction team. A barbeque was built into the new stone countertop cooking area and glass railings were installed to add further visual vibrancy to the area.

Pieces of slate were used to create pathways throughout the new lawn, and gardens were created and populated with new shrubs and plants to add to the ambiance of the new outdoor sanctuary. We also added a bamboo hedge and additional plants to the property. The deck was stained and glass installed in the railings to give the feeling of being more spacious and open. We welded the railing and added a built-in BBQ support and attached custom stainless steel glass clips to hold the glass in place.

We wanted to separate the area used by the suite from the house by installing some fence panels thereby creating an additional small patio and garden space complete with a custom built bench and garden pots.

By utilizing unique plants such as palm trees, a massive red banana tree, mimosa tree, agaves, bamboos, tropical hostas and ferns, a serene oasis was created. The additions of Cana lily’s and trumpet flowers in large, locally sourced pots plus an olive tree and other tropical inspired plants helps perpetuate the feeling of serenity.

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