Multi Level Home

As with all multi-level split homes finding the right flow is important but often difficult. But, the Costa crew is always up for a challenge! The team stepped in to give these owners their vision of bringing together their property. The owners dreamed of a large, encompassing deck with a dining area and gas barbecue, as well as, a lounging space complete with a hot tub.

It took a few consults with the crew to piece together this unique design as the varying heights of exterior doors and window, as well as the sloping grade of the property, was a puzzle.  The solution to bring all of these areas together? A three sided staircase.

During the planning stages which included consulting Victoria City planners, it was determined that there was an easement running along the back side of the property. The discovery of this meant working around certain set guidelines.

The Costa team was successful when pulling together a design that met the guidelines but most importantly fulfilled the expectations of the owners. After the drawings for the unique concept had been finalized and the permits were in place the crew began the construction of the project. Due to the weight of the hot tub in the lounging area the footings and framing on the deck had be increased to ensure that they could withstand the additional stress. Always a forethought for our construction team!

The cedar used to build the deck as seen in the photos is proudly Island grown and custom milled for Costa Verde by our supplier- allowing the quality to show through both the product and workmanship. This project speaks for itself!

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