Locally Milled Cedar Victoria BC

The goal of this landscaping project was to create a private patio/garden area in the front of the house so the owners could enjoy the sunny exposure. Another desire they expressed was to use as many locally grown or produced materials during the landscaping design and renovation of their property, an economic practice that Costa Verde tries to incorporate into all their projects.

An open, airy design was created to define the space and allow for garden pockets and distinct patio areas to be strategically placed throughout the property. Local milled cedar was used to build the pergola and beams were placed running across each other in different directions to provide air flow and visual interest.

After the wood had seasoned for a few months, the Costa Verde team then sanded and stained the courtyard screen using a premium long-lasting stain capable of handling the west coast weather. Custom welded brackets were made to attach the posts and arbour to the cement retaining walls ensuring safety and durability. The end result is that the owner now has a private yet airy outdoor living space to enjoy those wonderful sunny days.

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