Feature Pond

The owners of this home approached the Costa Verde team envisioning a custom pond to act as the focal point of their back deck area. These customers knew exactly what they wanted; two small waterfalls, a large and deep area for the fish to retreat to and a small patio area with seating with controlled ambience lighting to enjoy it from.

Our landscape crew followed the customers insturctions to a T ; creating a beautiful and low maintenance pond to provide years of enjoyment.

As always, the crew sourced local materials to construct the feature. Vancouver Island stone was used to create a mortared rock feature wall. On either side of the wall small waterfalls were erected with pockets for planting, accompanied by Japanese Maples.

The same stone was used in the creation of the curved benches from which the owner enjoys the relaxing sounds of the pond and has control of the underwater lighting by use of a remote control.

To complete the project a custom fence was installed around the property to allow for a more private feel. The team also installed two arbours on each side of the house to further the ascetics of the project and close off the serene backyard project.

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