Curb Appeal Victoria BC

Ask any real estate salesperson what initially draws people in to an open house and they’ll say curb appeal!

In this total curb-side makeover, we used as our palette the rich, dark purple leaves and bright pink/white blossomed trees called a Newport Plum or Kraurer Vesuvius Plum, which line this street.

At the beginning of this job the owner told us one thing: that they were sick and tired of mowing and watering their weed infested lawn. On the other hand, the client absolutely loves flower gardens, seasonal, colorful lush and full, but they needed to improve the general flow and access to their front door as their existing front porch was old and needed to be replaced.

After obtaining the necessary permits, we removed all the existing front lawn and invasive plant growth from the side yard. Next we added metal flashing underground along the fence to prevent any debris from growing through the newly installed ground cover, plotted out the patio areas, and installed pipes under the pathways to provide access to the different sections of the yard in case the owner wishes to install sprinklers or lighting in the future.

Next came the curving interlocking brick pathway and patios which are enhanced by the custom designed and built fence and front porch. Lastly, premium soil was added to all the flower beds where the owner can now fill with a profusion of colour.

NOTE: We are currently planning the next beautification steps to this property by adding some show piece stone boulders and assisting the owner with a planting plan.

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