Bamboo Victoria BC

Golden Bamboo was our inspiration starting this project. The client had an issue with her whole back yard sloping into the house. We designed a way to maximize the flat space of the back yard by creating a retaining wall underneath the deck in order to raise the backyard, which allowed us to install a flat path space around the house. Behind the retaining wall is a proper drainage system which allows water to pass through but keeps the soil in place.

They had a storage area of the yard that they wanted to screen off from view, plus desired a small water feature and wished to incorporate bamboo to give a natural feeling to the space. We created and built the two patio areas, addressed the varying heights of the yard, and added stairs onto the deck to address both levels.

The owner also wanted an immediate screen to provide privacy from the neighbours and did not like thinness of most bamboo plants when you buy them in a pot. We sourced out some mature bamboo from another private resident and transplanted it at the right time of year. The owner was ecstatic when we brought and planted this wonderfully thick caned clumping golden bamboo. We also inserted sheet metal 3 feet deep all around the bamboo hedging and backfilled with premium compost and soil amender to ensure the bamboo will thrive for years to come.

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