Spring Lawn and Garden Clean-Up Tips From the Experts

Spring lawn and garden clean-up tips from Costa Verde.

Wondering if you even need to do a spring garden clean-up? Yes. You do. Think of a spring lawn and garden clean-up like a spring cleaning inside your home, only outside. Cut back and clean up the clutter, remove what you don’t want, organize what you do, and give your garden the best chance toContinue Reading

Winter Gardening Tips: What (and Why) to Prune in the Winter

Late winter in the Pacific Northwest is a great time to prune most deciduous plants. Hint: they’re the plants that drop their leaves every winter. Today, we’ll talk about why it’s important to prune our trees, shrubs, and other plants, why winter is an ideal time to prune, what plants to prune (and what notContinue Reading

Why You Should Invest in Your Garden

Did you know that green spaces in neighbourhoods and cities have a direct and positive impact on your health and well-being? Research shows that having green spaces like gardens, parks, and forests nearby is linked to many health benefits. They include longer life expectancies, fewer mental health issues, happier and healthier people, especially children, lessContinue Reading